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What is a Golf Club Fitting? 

  1. To simply put it, finding a set of clubs, from driver to irons, wedges and putter, that best fit your swing and skill level so you may play better. 

  2. "I am a beginner, any clubs will do?" Yes and No.  NO, you dont need a custom build set of clubs. YES, you do need to get a set that has the right club length, grip size, right shaft flex (Regular, Stiff, or X-Stiff), shaft weight and club head type, (Game Improvement, Players....).  A club fitter can help analyze your swing, and based on your build, height, strength and so on, He or She can make suggestions.

  3. "Do I need one?"  " I want to get mechanically better first then I'll get fitted."  We get a lot of these responses and it is a misconception by many golf amateurs.  Every golf swing is unique to that golfer and having the right shaft, shaft weight, and shaft flex that best matches your swing can help you improve much faster and or play much better.  Swinging a club that is too heavy or too stiff will affect how well you strike the ball if at all and conversely, too light or too soft of a club may affect ball flight, and or how the ball travel, a draw or a slice. 

  4. Finally, It doesn't cost anything to ask so feel free to contact us.  Love to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  

What is Gapping?

Gapping refers to the distance between each club.  For example, I hit my 7 iron 150 yards.  Ideally, I want to hit my 8 iron 140 yard and my 6 iron 160 yard.  During our gapping session, we will bend the golf club loft, weaker or stronger loft, to  achieve those distances.  Also during gapping session, we check the lie of each club.  Ideally, we want the golf club sole to be flush with the turf.  We dont necessarily want our clubs to be too up-right (the heal of the club making contact with the turf first) or too flat (the toe of the club making contact with the turf first). Too flat or too upright clubs will affect club to ball contacts and ultimately, the ball flight and distance.

Fitting is a waste of money!

Actually, it saves you money when buying the right club instead of spending on clubs that may cost more and it doesn't fit.  It saves you Time, from making all those trip back to the store to return and or exchange for another set that does not fit, and Time is Money.    Bottom line, A club fitting will get you on your way to a better fitted club that not only help you improve your game but also help save you money and time!

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